Falcon Safety Products

Our Commitment

At Falcon it has been our long standing commitment to provide consumers with the best quality product at the most economical value. We are able to accomplish this goal because of our position as a vertically integrated manufacturer, and the support of our supply chain partners whose principals in quality manufacturing match our own. Our success in this endeavor can only be measured by our loyal consumers who have been supporting our efforts for the past fifty years. Our commitment to quality will not change during the next fifty years and we look forward to taking that journey with both our consumers and our partners.

As a manufacturer, we at Falcon recognize that we have a responsibility to the environment. As our global society grows and we put more and more stress on the world around us we know that we must take every step necessary to ensure that we are producing our products in a manner that is considerate of their effects on the environment. Our commitment to this issue is readily evident through our company president’s position on The Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy. While it was not a requirement that he participate on this Alliance, he felt that it was his responsibility to know the issues surrounding the use of CFCs and HFCs in production of our consumer aerosol products. As a result, Falcon Safety Products is always at the forefront in proactively addressing any issues that may arise.

Public Safety
As a manufacturer and marketer of consumer products, we believe that our commitment to consumers goes beyond that of simply delivering a quality product at an economic value. At Falcon, our commitment to the consumer extends beyond product and value and branches out into education and awareness. While we understand that we cannot control every consumer interaction with our product, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide the most comprehensive and educational product information. As an example of our commitment, we have taken strides in upgrading and improving the information available to our loyal patrons and our alliances with such organizations as the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition and Drug Free America.

Our consumers are important to us and their safety is paramount. At Falcon we understand that our success correlates directly to your support of our products. As such, we will continue to work hard on the initiatives of Quality, Environment and Safety for the benefit of our consumers.