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In 1978, our signal horns and cleaning dusters were filled with a gas known as CFC12. When regulations were passed to phase out the use of this gas due to its ozone depleting properties, the signal horn and duster industries were given permission to keep using this gas because there was no known replacement. In the early nineties, HCFC22 was introduced as a viable alternative to CFC12 which featured much lower ozone depleting properties than CFC12.

In 1989, being ever aware of the effect of these gases on the environment, Falcon switched its signal horn and duster propellant to HCFC22. However, this was just a transition step before adopting what is currently used. Today, Falcon’s signal horns and cleaning dusters use one of two propellants – HFC152a or HFC134a, both of which are 100% NON-OZONE depleting.
It is important to note that although these gas/propellant changes were costly, Falcon made them before being required to by law, and before any of our competitors made the switch.

Why? The answer is simple: Because it was the right thing to do.

For more information on Falcon’s environmental position or issues relating to the impact of aerosols on the environment, please take a minute to view our video below.

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