Falcon Safety Products


History Falcon Safety Products, Inc. was founded as a result of one man’s passion to prevent tragedies due to house fires. From that tragedy, Falcon Safety Products has built a reputation based upon manufacturing quality protective products for hundreds of applications.

Around 1953, the then company founder, experienced the devastating loss of a close personal friend to a house fire. Asleep in his bed, the friend was overcome by smoke and eventually perished. Tormented by the loss, the company founder knew in his heart that this tragic accident could have been prevented had his friend been warned of the danger.

After some personal investigation, he developed a device that linked a gas-powered horn to heat detecting linkage, similar to that used in a sprinkler head, resulting in the first fire alarm. When room temperatures reached a certain level, the linkage to the head would be broken, which would open a valve releasing the pressurized gas. The pressurized gas would then flow from the canister, up through the open valve and activate the horn, signaling an alarm to house dwellers.

It was the success of this product upon which the company was founded. From that point the gas-powered, sound signaling technology was adapted for use on boats and later modified for use in industrial settings.

1960’s – 1970’s
In the latter part of the 1960’s, an employee of the company, who happened to be a photographic enthusiast, began experimenting with the gas-powered technology searching for a way to remove dust and lint from photographic negatives.

What he uncovered was that the same pressurized blast used to sound an alarm, could be directed for the purpose of blasting dust and lint from these surfaces without having to physically touching them. The result: No fingerprints on their negatives and no scratches on their lenses.

After further product modification, the first generation of a compressed-gas duster was invented and introduced to the photographic market in the early 1970’s. The brand name – DUST-OFF®.

Through the 1970’s Falcon continued to build its market share in the marine and industrial safety markets with distribution of its signal horn products. While the Dust-Off brand began to take hold with photographers.

While Falcon Safety Product’s continued to flourish in the 1980’s within the marine, safety and photographic industries, the company found itself at the epicenter of the personal computer explosion, and Dust-Off II was introduced as cleaning device to help rid damaging dust and lint from this new piece of technology.

Despite identifying the opportunity and reacting with the appropriate product, Falcon’s main focus remained the photographic industry. It wasn’t until 1986 when current President and CEO, Phil Lapin, and his partners purchased the company that the appreciation for this greater opportunity was pursued. As a result of their focus on the computer/consumer electronics market the company and Dust-Off brand grew. No longer just a photographic accessory, Dust-Off was now a complimentary item in the booming industry of computers.

Falcon remains a leader within the photographic, marine and industrial safety markets. However, it has ridden the astronomical growth of the PC market to its current position as the market leader in computer/consumer electronics cleaning accessories.

Falcon continues to manufacture its own compressed-gas products, including the Dust-Off® brand of computer cleaning dusters. The company remains a focused participant in this niche category, resulting in a comprehensive line of products designed to help consumers not only preserve their equipment, but, more importantly, the information contained within.

To support new growing demand and audiences for electronics, Falcon continues to evolve with targeted new products to enhance the cleaning requirements. New technologies with specific focus on screen care and disinfecting cleaning capabilities are developed.

Today, Due to the increase in portable electronics and screen technologies, Falcon expands its product line with the introduction of “Premium” Cleaning Products and “QuickClean” Cleaning Products. These new lines feature screen technologies with new cleaning methodology. Micro-Fiber Technology helps provide a professional clean for sensitive equipment.

Consumers everywhere continue to find new and unique uses for this simple, yet clever product, and Falcon continues to explore ways to uncover and promote these great ideas so that more and more people can benefit from its use.

For tomorrow, Falcon is committed to the improvement of its existing products, the development of new products and the education of its consumers so that all may benefit from the simple, yet effective application of our products.