Falcon Safety Products

Manufacturing Capabilities

Falcon Safety Products, Inc. has been manufacturing consumer products for over fifty years. Our long standing commitment to provide consumers with the best quality product at the most economical value. We are able to accomplish this goal because of our position as a vertically integrated manufacturer, and the support of our supply chain partners whose principals in quality manufacturing match our own.

All manufacturing takes place at our facility in Branchburg, New Jersey. Your OEM product will be manufactured on the same lines and within the same facility as our own branded product so that you get the benefit of our long standing experience.

Features and Benefits of Falcon Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Falcon has filling experience using both Dymel® 152a Difluoroethane and 134a Tetrafluoroethane.
  • Falcon has additional experience with other propellants, however, the execution of such a project requires further discussion.
  • Falcon inspects all products from the raw component stage to final product to ensure integrity of all finished goods.
  • Falcon has strong supply chain partnerships to help provide you with the best value for your product.
  • Falcon has the ability to warehouse your product for a maximum of 12 months.
  • Falcon is a leader in labeling compliance and takes a proactive approach toward insuring consumer safety.
  • Falcon is a member of The Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy.

The above is just a brief overview of what Falcon can achieve, and the benefits you’ll receive from choosing a Falcon as a partner.