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Dust-Off® Announces Special Alliance With The Samsung Experience

Proper Consumer Electronics Cleaning and Maintenance Takes Center Stage at the Samsung Experience

Branchburg, NJ (July 30, 2009) – Dust-Off®, one of the world’s most recognized brands of consumer electronics care and maintenance products, proudly announces its alliance with the Samsung Experience in New York City. Dust-Off will be the preferred consumer electronics cleaning and maintenance product of the Samsung Experience, a state-of-the-art, interactive brand emporium which gives visitors the opportunity to discover, touch, hear, and engage with the latest technology from Samsung.

“Simple consumer electronics maintenance, when done right, can easily extend the lifespan of any device, and there’s no better platform to share that message with consumers than the Samsung Experience,” said Ken Newman, director of marketing for Dust-Off. “Visitors turn to the Samsung Experience for expert guidance on how to better incorporate the latest consumer electronics innovations into their lifestyles, and now they’ll also receive direction on the dos and don’ts when it comes to keeping their current electronics, or future investments, clean and running longer.”

Signage, communicating the announcement, the importance of preventive maintenance as well as the benefit that proper cleaning can have in regard to extending the lifespan of consumer electronics, will be placed throughout the Samsung Experience located at the Time Warner Center in Manhattan. Additionally, from 12 to 6p.m. on July 24, 2009, the Samsung Experience will host “Dust-Off Day,” a free event focusing on consumer electronics cleaning. Open to the public, consumers will be invited to bring their home PCs, laptops, digital cameras, cell phones and any other consumer electronics device, to the Samsung Experience for a thorough cleaning by Dust-Off’s professional IT technicians.

In addition to its renowned compressed-gas dusters, highly-regarded as one of the most versatile cleaning products with hundreds of applications, Dust-Off also offers an array of additional consumer electronics cleaning products, including advanced cleaning solutions and microfiber cloths. Specifically designed to clean designed specifically for cleaning delicate displays comprises an array of products, including the company’s compressed gas dusters, assorted cleaning wipes and a line of micro-fiber cloths that include the Screen Shammy™ and the LapPad™. Dust-Off also offers all in one kits, which include an advanced, specially developed cleaning solution for the proper care of delicate displays, including high definition plasma and LCD televisions and computer monitors. Together, the Dust-Off products supply consumers with a well-rounded system to effortlessly extend the lifespan of their electronics by keeping them clean and running at their highest level of performance.

For more information regarding Dust-Off’s full-line of cleaning accessories and products, please visit www.dust-off.com

The Samsung Experience is a remarkable 10,000-square-foot interactive brand emporium that provides a creative experience through Samsung’s vision of digital convergence. The site features hundreds of Samsung products in unique technology demonstrations that allow you to discover, touch, hear, and engage with the latest technology to create your own digital lifestyle. This permanent venue is located on the third floor of The Shops at Columbus Circle in the Time Warner Center. For more information about Samsung Experience, visit: www.samsung.com/experience

Manufactured by Falcon Safety Products Inc., a world leader in compressed-gas technology, Dust-Off offers the most comprehensive line of dust removing and preventive maintenance products for consumer electronics and home or office equipment. Dust-Off compressed-gas dusters are one of the most versatile cleaning accessories available to consumers today and have long been a staple for the care and maintenance of computers and other electronic equipment. For additional information, please visit www.dust-off.com

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