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Dust-Off® Announces Sponsorship of Frag Dominant


Dust-Off Teams Up With Top eSports National Teams

Branchburg, NJ (March 01, 2008) – Dust-Off®, the leading brand of consumer electronics cleaning products, is further establishing itself as a key player in the gaming community with its official sponsorship of Frag Dominant LLC, a leading professional multi-gaming organization comprising experienced and dedicated “eSports” teams.

Frag Dominant has progressed over the past year to become one of the most successful organizations in the gaming industry with top national teams as members. Frag Dominant team players are scattered throughout the U.S. and practice rigorously on their personal PCs. Frag Dominant teams come together throughout the year to compete in major gaming events such as the World Cyber Games (WCG), Lanfest, QuakeCon, and more.

“PC maintenance is critical, especially for competitive gamers,” said Ken Newman, Director of Marketing for Dust-Off Products. “Keeping a well maintained machine provides a gamer with a competitive edge and is a key step in defeating one’s opponent. Dust-Off is proud to partner with an organization such as Frag Dominant which shares this same belief. Together, our organizations are dedicated to working to help share this message and stress the importance of PC maintenance with this growing and evolving industry.”

As part of the sponsorship, Dust-Off will provide prizes for monthly tournaments on the Frag Dominant Tournament site, as well as support the team at industry events. The latest Dust-Off news will be featured on the Frag Dominant Web Site and Dust-Off will be represented on the GameSurge network which boasts 50,000 unique visitors a month.

“I believe that this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership and a solid friendship with Dust-Off,” said Orlando Garcia, CEO and Owner of Frag Dominant, LLC. “You can expect to see great things once we combine and collaborate on some new, innovative ideas with Dust-Off in the near future.”

Founded in 1953, Falcon Safety Products, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Central New Jersey. A world leader in compressed-gas technology, Falcon manufactures a diverse line of products including the Dust-Off® brand of computer / personal electronics cleaning products and signal horns for the marine, sport and safety markets. For additional information, please contact Falcon Safety Products, Inc. at 908-707-4900 or visit

Frag Dominant is a professional, multi-gaming organization that is made up of mature, experienced, dedicated teams and players that approach gaming with a professional manner. Frag Dominant has progressed over the past year to become one of the most successful organizations in e-sports. The primary objective of Frag Dominant is to become the premier international multi-gaming organization. Taking into consideration the loyal sponsors, trustworthy members, and supportive community, Frag Dominant has all of the proper necessities to be simply paramount. For more information visit www.fragdominant.com.

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