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Dust-Off Provides Essential Cleaning Accessories for Apple’s Newest Devices

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Dust-Off Provides Essential Cleaning Accessories for Apple’s Newest Devices

Branchburg, (October 24, 2013)Dust-Off®, the leading brand of consumer electronic cleaning products, is providing consumers with a variety of tech-safe cleaning accessories for Apple’s newest products. Whether Apple users just purchased an iPhone 5S or 5C or plan on purchasing a recently announced new iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display or new MacBook Pro, Dust-Off’s screen cleaners will keep all their latest Apple products working and looking brand new.

“Apple devices have become such a vital part of people’s lives today,” commented Jennifer Rappaport, Marketing Manager at Dust-Off. “That is why we at Dust-Off are committed to keeping users iPhones, iPads and MacBooks looking and running like new. Our line of mobile device screen cleaners features a no-run formula and a Screen Shammy™ Microfiber Cloth that is designed to safely remove dirt, grime, and fingerprints. This helps extend the life of Apple devices by reducing the buildup of dust over time, resulting in less cleaning and reduced risk of damage.”

Dust-Off’s line of mobile device screen cleaners include:

  • Dust-Off’s Premium Tablet Screen Cleaning Kit has the necessary gear to safely and efficiently keep fingerprints, dust and dirt off a tablet off of Apple’s new iPad Air and new iPad mini. The kit includes the Premium Screen Spray and the Screen Shammy Microfiber Cloth. The screen spray is safe to spray directly onto the tablet and the cloth is machine washable for repeat use.
  • With the brand new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S now available, cleaning your technology regularly is essential for keeping the dirt and grime away. Dust-Off’s Premium Smartphone Screen Cleaning Kit includes Premium Screen Spray and a Microfiber cloth that safely wipes and polishes any iPhone clean without leaving behind streaks or residue.
  • To clean while on-the-go, use Electronics Screen Wipes for all of Apple’s new devices. The electronics screen wipes are ideal for any on-the-go cleaning that cannot wait. They are safe to use on the iPad Air, new iPad mini, iPhone 5C and 5S, and for other Apple devices, like the MacBook and iPod touch.
  • Apple’s latest upgrade to the MacBook Pro line features retina displays that every user will want to keep looking its brightest. The Ultimate Screen Care Kit is fully equipped to keep the new MacBook Pro clean of dirt and dust with a screen spray, screen shammy, plasma screen cloth, CD/DVD cloth and a sweep mobile cleaning pad. The zippered storage case for all the necessities is ideal for the mobility of a MacBook Pro.

To watch more on cleaning your electronics, visit our Dust-Off Educational Videos. All of Dust-Off’s screen cleaning products are currently available and can be purchased at http://www.Dust-Off.com/products.

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