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Falcon Safety Products Celebrates 50 Years Of Excellence

Somerville, NJ (July 9, 2003) – Falcon Safety Products, Inc., the leading manufacturer and marketer of consumer compressed-gas products, including the original computer cleaning duster – Dust-Off®, is proud to announce that it is celebrating 50 years of service, quality and innovation.

Falcon Safety Products, exhibiting at the Marine Aftermarket Accessories Trade Show in booth 1105, began its operation in 1953 with the introduction of a heat-detecting fire alarm system using compressed-gas technology. The innovative system used the heat of a fire to trigger the release of the compressed-gas, which would then be forced through an attached air horn, signaling the fire.

The same technology and innovation used to develop Falcon’s first fire alarm has been incorporated throughout the history of the company to form Falcon’s signature products, Dust-Off® compressed-gas computer cleaning dusters and marine and industrial signal horns.

Because it uses compressed-gas as a vital ingredient in its products, Falcon Safety Products President Phil Lapin is very conscientious about his products’ affects on the environment and the consumers who buy them. As a result, Mr. Lapin sits on the Board of Directors for the Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy.

“There are many factors to consider in today’s business environment, and Falcon Safety Products Inc. takes great pride in its ability to develop innovative products using compressed-gas technology that is environmentally sound and has an identified benefit for our consumers,” Lapin said.

In the 1960’s Falcon introduced the Dust-Off® brand as a tool to help professional and amateur photographers remove lint and dust from negatives and enlargers. The product enjoyed a rebirth in the 1980’s, after the invention of the personal computer, as the premier tool for removing dust and dirt from computer components. Recently, the company introduced Dr. Dust-Off’s Classroom on the web (http://www.dust-off.com/dust_off/dr_dustoff.html) to showcase actual consumer’s innovative uses for the product.

The Dust-Off® line of compressed-gas cleaning dusters is the market’s most comprehensive, and includes both disposable and refill formats in a variety of sizes, including last year’s introduction of the 17oz Jumbo Duster. While other companies may look at the computer-cleaning category as an add-on, because of Falcon’s category focus its line of computer cleaning accessories is unmatched. As a focused company, Falcon is the consistent innovator in its category. In addition, to the array of dusters the Dust-Off® brand also includes a recently upgraded line of pre-moistened cleaning wipes, specialty microfiber cleaning cloths, cleaning sprays, and more.

True to its roots, Falcon remains the recognized market leader in the safety signal horn arena, having developed a complete line of products for boating, sporting, personal safety, and emergency use.

Falcon Safety Products is the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of compressed-gas products, including the Original computer-cleaning duster from Dust-Off®. For 50 years, Falcon Safety Products has been known for the provision of superior service, quality and product innovation. Falcon Safety Products is a recognized name in the computer, office, marine, safety and photographic industries. For more information visit – or www.dust-off.com.

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