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Falcon Safety Products Remains Dedicated to the Fight

Proactive efforts are key in preventing future abuse and its devastating effects

Somerville, NJ (March 23, 2005) – Inhalation abuse, or “huffing” of aerosol products, is a national epidemic that has become increasingly commonplace in homes, schools and offices throughout the country. Research shows that one in five students in America has used an inhalant to get high by the time he or she reaches the eighth grade. Falcon Safety Products, manufacturer of the Dust-Off® brand of computer and personal electronics cleaning products, is a company devoted to consumer safety. As a leading manufacturer of one of the world’s most versatile aerosol products, Falcon recognizes the seriousness of inhalant abuse or “huffing” and stresses the importance of informing consumers of aerosol products, parents and children, of the dangers of substance abuse.

Falcon employs a wide variety of tools, including prominent warning labels that communicate the illegality and dangers associated with inhalation abuse, a public service announcement, educational video and a dedicated section of the company website ( known as the Dr. Dust-Off classroom, to promote the safe and effective use of all of its products.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 2.1 million children use inhalants and the use of inhalants has grown by 44 percent from 2003-2004. It is imperative that consumers of all ages understand the seriousness of inhalation abuse, and take the appropriate measures to protect themselves, their families and loved ones from its extremely dangerous effects.

Together with the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition (NIPC), Partnership for a Drug Free America, the Office of National Drug Control Policy and others, Falcon Safety Products takes a highly proactive stance toward educating the public about the dangers of inhalation abuse, and working to prevent the use of inhalants as stimulants. National Inhalants and Poisons Awareness Week, observed this week from March 20-26, is an annual observance and an excellent opportunity to bring desperately needed attention to the issue of inhalation abuse.

Falcon Safety Products will be taking a number of proactive measures to that effect, and urges all concerned parents, educators, community leaders and members of the editorial community to do the same.

Founded in 1953, Falcon Safety Products, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Central New Jersey. A world leader in compressed-gas technology, Falcon manufactures a diverse line of products including the Dust-Off® brand of computer / personal electronics cleaning products and signal horns for the marine, sport and safety markets. For additional information, please contact Falcon Safety Products, Inc. at 908-707-4900 or visit

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