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For Audiophiles And Stereophiles Alike, Blast Of Gas Can Save On Repairs

Somerville, NJ (February 2002) – Beverly E. Wotring of Sierrra Vista, Arizona, was worried when her home CD player suddenly stopped working. David Graham of Champaign, Ill., worried about damaging his precious LPs, cartridge and needle. Gary Laster of Tampa, Fla., worried about cleaning speaker grills safely.

All three shared in a solution that won each a portable CD player as the manufacturer of Dust-Off® sought novel uses for compressed-gas other than cleaning computers.

Wotring ejected the tray, then used the duster and straw to blow out accumulated dirt without having to remove the case. “My CDs play great again and I saved an $80 repair,” she reports.

Wrote Graham, “For those of us that still use LPs (yes, those ugly vinyl things), Dust-Off can keep stylii and discs clean without scratches or needle damage.” As for Laster, he used the compressed-gas duster to easily clear dust from the speaker grills.

Dust-Off was invented in the 1970s so news photographers could safely clean negatives and camera equipment. The Grand-Prize winner, announced in January, won a home electronics package worth $3,000 for his suggested use: cleaning automobile air vents.

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