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For Night On The Town, Dust Off Those Dentures

Somerville, NJ (February 2002) – Gloria Herdman of Pomeroy, Ohio, enjoys an active social life. Among her secrets, one tip submitted to a new-uses contest sponsored by the manufacturers of Dust-Off® compressed-gas duster.

Most people use the duster to keep their computers clean. So does Gloria but, she adds, “my unique way is on my dentures. (Now don’t laugh.) First I remove and then spray the heck out of those gummers, and the food particles just fly. This works great when you’re in a hurry.”

Her dating advice: “Grab a can of Dust-Off, a few mints and you’re ready for a night on the town.”

A compressed-gas duster, Dust-Off was invented in the 1970s so news photographers could safely clean negatives and camera equipment. The product now is mostly found in office-supply outlets, for use in cleaning computer equipment.

To collect additional applications for its Dust-Off product, manufacturer Falcon Safety Products of Somerville, NJ, awarded Gloria one of 100 portable CD players for creative ideas sent to its Website, www.dust-off.com. The Grand Prize winner, announced last month, won a home electronics package worth $3,000 for his suggested use: cleaning automobile air vents.

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