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Manufacturer Launches On-Line Academy to Combat PC Filth, Award Prizes

Somerville, NJ (October 30, 2002) – PRNewswire – Troubled by slipping standards in computer care, the manufacturers of Dust-Off® compressed-gas cleaner have begun awarding on-line PC hygiene degrees – plus a chance to win fabulous prizes.

Students completing any month-long term at the Dr. Dust-Off Academy of Advanced Computer Hygiene toward a H.B. (Honorary Bachelor/Bachelorette) possibly could receive a prominently logo-ed golf shirt. Those persisting toward a H.D. (Honorary Doctorate) qualify for a gala $3,500 shopping spree.

Open enrollment at www.dust-off.com begins Nov. 1 in the Academy’s accelerated program, with the final one-month term ending Feb. 28. Pupils must pass a vigorous exam each term on computer-care issues to qualify for academic honors and prizes.

“Everyone in higher education talks PC, yet the grim truth remains – more than 70 percent of failed computers are victims to poor hygiene, according to our nation’s leading PC technicians. Such losses require action, not accreditation,” declared academy spokesman Ken Newman, H.B.

In July, a national survey of more than 1,300 computer repair professionals linked 72 percent of computer CPU failures to poor maintenance. Inside, besides bugs, technicians also found caches of marijuana and cash; drivers for screws and nuts, and many generations of mice, from babies to rodent skeletons.

Bad PC hygiene was linked to 70 percent of keyboard failures, and 85 percent of breakdowns in printers and mouse devices.

Dr. Dust-Off Academy of Advanced Computer Hygiene foundation courses include the introductory Dusters 101, Dos and Don’ts and Duster Safety. Electives also cover duster use for silk flower arrangements, household cleaning, photography, carpentry, collectibles and automotive.

Added Newman, “No longer is education its own reward. How many other institutions of higher edification dangle a possible shopping spree before matriculants? Most who enroll, if lucky, merely settle for a job.”

One randomly selected Honorary Doctorate winner, among those with perfect exam scores each month, will receive $3,500 credit toward selections from a catalog assortment of computer, audio and related items.

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