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New Dust-Off® Web Site Targets Gamers

Dust-Off launches the “Dust-Off Zone,” a new gamer focused Web site.

Branchburg, NJ (July 2, 2007) – Falcon Safety Products®, manufacturer of the Dust-Off® brand of consumer electronics cleaning products, today announced the launch of a new Web site targeting the ever-growing world of PC gaming. Named the Dust-Off Zone (www.dustoffzone.com), the Web site will serve as an interactive tool for gamers to learn more about the competitive edge that Dust-Off brings to the world of e-sports, and as a portal for gamers to stay up to date regarding breaking news from the gaming community.

In addition to its official partnership with the World Cyber Games (WCG) and its recent sponsorship of professional gaming team X30, Dust-Off’s new gamer-focused Web site further emphasizes its dedication to the world of e-sports. Through the Dust-Off Zone, Dust-Off stands committed to providing today’s gamer with the competitive edge, by offering them the tools necessary to keep their sensitive equipment running at peak performance.

“We’re very proud of the new Dust-Off Zone,” said Ken Newman, Director of Marketing for Falcon Safety Products. “Beyond being an informative and interactive resource, the Dust-Off Zone will help connect gamers of all skill levels with the Dust-Off brand and encourage them to unlock the potential competitive edge within their own systems by incorporating our products as part of their daily maintenance routine.”

Visitors of the Dust-Off Zone will have access to Dust-Off sponsored team X30 through online profiles and can learn more about their successes within the world of professional gaming. Other features of the Dust-Off Zone include the DOZupdate, which includes highlights from well-known gamer resource GotFrag.com and an interactive area where visitors can play games and send e-cards to friends or rival gamers. Additionally, the site will link directly to www.shopfalcon.com, Falcon Safety Products’ online store, where gamers will have the full range of Dust-Off cleaning products at their fingertips. Dust-Off® Web Site Targets Gamers

For additional information, visit www.dustoffzone.com.

Founded in 1953, Falcon Safety Products, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Central New Jersey. A world leader in compressed-gas technology, Falcon manufactures a diverse line of products including the Dust-Off® brand of computer / personal electronics cleaning products and signal horns for the marine, sport and safety markets. For additional information, please contact Falcon Safety Products, Inc. at 908-707-4900 or visit

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