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One look at our extensive product line and you’ll see a common thread; eliminating grime, dust, dirt and finger prints. Absolutely no one else brings the same focus to getting rid of dust, dirt and finger prints like Dust-Off® does.

You’ll see evidence of this focus in our long line of Dust-Off® compressed gas dusters – all capable of getting dust out of your electronic and computer equipment as well as countless other places.

Dust-Off® has developed a complete professional product line featuring safe, effective solution for screen care. Completely safe to clean ALL screen technology. Our exclusive “no-run” formula is completely safe to spray directly on the screen.

A powerful line of specialty cleaning kits ensures that screens, laptops, digital cameras, CD/DVD lenses and many components in your home or office stay dust-free and in top working condition.

Our wipes product line contains everything from pre-moistened wipes to innovative microfiber cloths. All together, these products can be used in hundreds of cleaning applications for home and office.

Keep it New. Keep it Clean. Keep it Dust-Off!