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Not just for keyboards anymore! Although Dust-Off® is best known as a compressed gas duster that can clean the most stubborn of crumbs from keyboards; there are many other uses for Dust-Off® dusters. Did you know that they are great for removing dust around the home? They are an ideal tool for removing dust from everyday items like window blinds, collectibles, sewing machines, holiday ornaments, craft projects and silk flower arrangements.

We also offer a whole range of additional products under the Dust-Off® including screen sprays and wipes that help keep your digital life clean and smudge free.


Falcon is the longest tenured and most reliable name in marine and safety signal horns. Our safety horns were designed by acoustical experts to carry their sound up to 1 mile over land or sea and be heard over construction, machinery and other job site noises. Falcon horns meet all US Coast Guard requirements for sound signaling devices and are manufactured in St. Louis, MO

We also offer a line of portable safety horns that are easy to carry while jogging, hiking, kayaking or biking. Feel safe knowing that help is a just a blast away.

Falcon also offers a line of marine accessories including Line-Master Mooring Snubbers, rigging tape and marine screen cleaner.