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Too Much Dust In Dashboard Vents? Give It The (Compressed) Gas

Somerville, NJ (October 25, 2001) – Wally Seavey of Caanan, Maine, has a winning idea on how best to clean dust from tiny dashboard air vents.

The car-care innovator uses a commercial compressed-gas duster, called Dust-Off, invented in 1952 so news photographers could safely clean negatives and various types of camera equipment. The product now is mostly found in office-supply outlets, for use cleaning computer equipment.

Seavey’s dusting advice has proven valuable, netting him a portable CD player and, possibly, a home electronics package worth $3,000. To collect additional uses for its Dust-Off product, manufacturer Falcon Safety Products of Somerville, NJ, is awarding 101 prizes for creative ideas submitted to its Website, www.dust-off.com.

Seavey’s suggestion was among the first 10 weekly winners. Other winners suggested using the canned gas to dust off dashboard vents, grooves in wood-working projects, telescope mirrors, collectibles on shelves, scale models, cloth mini-blinds and lint-clogged sewing machine parts.

The contest continues for 10 weeks through Dec. 21, with 11 winners selected in the final week. The best idea earns a 27-inch television, a DVD player and an executive stereo.

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