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"We're Opening Gifts Now, Honey. It's Time To Turn The Computer Off"

Somerville, NJ (October 24, 2000) – The gifts better be special this holiday, if you expect to serve hot turkey to certain family members — those Web addicts unlikely to go cold turkey on their PC even on CE (Christmas Eve).

What better for them, though, than the newest electrostatic wipes that safely trap dirt and allergens without harming the special coating on computer monitors?

Commercial glass cleaners, particularly those containing ammonia, can damage screen surfaces while paper towels often contain tiny bits of scratchy wood pulp. In contrast, soft StatiqueS cleaning cloths from the manufacturer of Dust-Off® use an electrostatic charge rather than chemicals to attract even dust mites for quick and easy disposal. At a stocking-stuffer price, about $5.99, the StatiqueS cloths come in packs of 20, each measuring 8-by-12 inches.

But perhaps the computer addict hides behind clutter. If so, Falcon Safety Products offers Exponent® organization accessories such as zip holders, disk organizers, monitor stands and printer paper racks.

For example, Exponent® media storage units protect and organize CDs with or without jewel cases. One, for instance, is only 16 inches long yet can store 96 CDs safely without their bulky cases. A matching unit can hold 30 cased CDs. Both are modular and stackable.

Falcon Safety Products is a diversified manufacturer specializing in computer accessories and cleaning products. The company developed the original compressed gas computer duster, Dust-Off®, in 1982 and remains the only supplier that manufactures its own product. Today the Dust-Off line includes anti-static sprays, cleaning kits, pre-moistened wipes and cleaning sheets for printers and fax machines.

Andrew M. Steinman, Vice President of Marketing and Sales
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