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At Show Car Judging, Any Dust Will Do You Dirt

Somerville, NJ (February 2002) – Janis Molsbee of Garland, Texas, is a veteran of top-flight car shows held around the Dallas area. Too much detailing is never enough, but one trick was novel enough to win her something other than another trophy: a portable CD player.

Molsbee’s tip: Use a compressed-gas duster weekly to penetrate areas otherwise impossible to reach. “I have a gorgeous 2000 Corvette coupe, which I enter in weekly car shows,” she says. “I use (Special Application) Dust-Off® to help detail my engine area and keep it dust free from week to week.” Instead of detailing your engine yourself, you could always access auto detailing services that will do it all for you. However, if you prefer to do it all yourself, this is completely your choice.

“Thanks Dust-Off for such a great product, which has helped me win many trophies during the past year.”

The manufacturer of Dust-Off®, a product most often used to clean computers, held a contest to seek novel uses for its product. The Special Application version has the same power without the risk of flammability.

The product was invented in the 1970s so news photographers could safely clean negatives and camera equipment. The Grand-Prize winner, announced last month, won a home electronics package worth $3,000 for his suggested use: cleaning automobile air vents.

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