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Preventing Inhalant Abuse Starts With Simple Communication

Simple Communication With Children and Young Adults Will Help Save Lives

Branchburg, NJ (March 14, 2008) – Education and awareness are the most effective ways to battle all forms of substance abuse and protect our nation’s youth, and that can start right in the home with simple communication. Opening a dialogue with children regarding the dangers of inhalant abuse is the key in battling this devastating practice and saving lives.

“Aerosols are too often abused by children and young adults for a quick and dangerous high,” said Phil Lapin, President and CEO of Falcon Safety Products®. “As a leading aerosol manufacturer, Falcon Safety Products takes this issue very seriously, and proactively works to communicate the dangers of this disturbing practice through an ongoing educational campaign. And like the other reputable agencies across the country that exist to help battle inhalant abuse, including the Alliance for Consumer Education and the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition, Falcon is an advocate for education and communication. We strongly believe that it is the most effective way to battle inhalant abuse and all forms of substance abuse moving forward.”

According to the 2001 National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abuse, children who learn about the risks of alcohol and drug abuse from their parents or caregivers are less likely to use drugs than kids who do not. In fact, 50% are less likely to use inhalants. Furthermore, the 2002 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) states that teens who learn a lot about the risks of drugs from their parents are up to 54% less likely to try drugs. The power of parental communication regarding substance cannot be overlooked, and as a result, parents, educators, consumers and manufacturers need to join together and face inhalant abuse head on.

“Parents need to take the initiative to become educated on this issue and seek additional resources, but the first step that they should take is reading the labels of all the chemical-based products in their home to become familiar with proper usage and any warnings that manufacturers bring to their attention. As an example, Falcon’s Dust Off® compress-gas dusters are commonly referred to as ‘canned-air,’ an erroneous description that gives consumers, especially children, a false impression of the product. However, if one reads the detailed labeling, they’d find prominent warnings about the dangers of inhalant abuse and the fact that the product contains a compressed-gas called difluoroethane.”

In addition, consumers will find messaging on Dust-Off compressed-gas dusters indicating that the product contains a bitterant to deter inhalant abuse. In an attempt to discourage this dangerous practice, Falcon developed a new formulation for its dusters, incorporating an additive that makes the contents of the can extremely unpalatable to those who attempt to abuse them. The additive was developed to have no adverse effects with normal, recommended use.

Commonly referred to as “huffing,” “bagging,” or “dusting,” inhalant abuse involves over 1,400 different products and is an extremely dangerous and potentially fatal practice. Falcon Safety Products is deeply concerned about the issue and maintains an unwavering commitment to consumer safety. For over 20 years, Falcon has taken numerous, proactive steps in communicating the dangers of inhalant abuse and promoting the proper use of its products.

Falcon’s efforts to combat inhalant abuse have included ongoing public outreach, detailed product labeling and the support of several national agencies, including the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition ( and the Alliance for Consumer Education ( Falcon has always believed that the single, most effective method in battling inhalant abuse is the education of children and their parents, as well as educators and school system administrators.

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