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Versatile Dust-Off Duster Offers Cleaning Applications Beyond Electronics

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Versatile Dust-Off Duster Offers Cleaning Applications Beyond Electronics


Branchburg, (February 22, 2013)Dust-Off®, the leading brand of consumer electronic cleaning products, is pleased to share a number of uses for their versatile Dusters beyond cleaning electronics. For years Dust-Off’s cleaning dusters have been a staple for the care and maintenance of computers and other electronics, but they are also a convenient cleaning tool with a multitude of applications including cleaning household items, crafts, hobbies and collectibles.

Dust-Off dusters are a handy cleaning tool for uses both in the home and at the office. They are ideal for cleaning cloth mini-blinds or to blow off dust from drapes and lamp shades. Hard-to-reach areas like small cracks, holes or grooves in decorative items around the house are easy to clean with the Dust-Off duster. The duster can remove dirt and debris from bracelets, pendants or rings making jewelry sparkle and shine like new. Keep office space clean by removing particles from desk decorations or overlooked corners on book shelves.

The Dust-Off duster is also an ideal tool for crafts and hobbies. With the duster, artists can remove charcoal and pastel dust from building up on their artwork. When a woodworker is finished with their tools, the Dust-Off dusters make it simple to remove loose wood chips from materials. Collectibles and models on display tend to accumulate dust and dirt, however Dust-Off dusters rid them of the excess build up without distributing fragile collectibles.

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About Dust-Off®

Manufactured by Falcon Safety Products Inc., a world leader in compressed-gas technology, Dust-Off offers the most comprehensive line of dust removing and preventive maintenance products for consumer electronics and home or office equipment. Dust-Off compressed-gas dusters are one of the most versatile cleaning accessories available to consumers today and have long been a staple for the care and maintenance of computers and other electronic equipment. For additional information, please visit or follow on Facebook at