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Sound Advice for Campers

When you pack your belongings into a car and pitch a tent, own a Class B RV (visit if you don’t know what this is), or hire a caravan for your trip, it’s vital that you keep you and everyone around you safe during your camping trip. Campers have a lot of responsibility. When taking your family or a group of kids on a weekend adventure, proper safety planning is key. One additional item to remember to throw into the back pack is a Signal Horn.

A Signal Horn is a great way to signal emergencies, signal activities and events with your group. By pre planning your activities, you can inform all members of simple daily events including:

  • Emergency (1 short, 1 long, 1 short blast)
  • Breakfast (one blast of horn)
  • Lunch (2 blasts of horn)
  • Dinner (3 blasts)

This is a simple usage to keep the group alert and ready to regrouping during the course of your camping trip.

In addition, many park rangers and guides have commented on using a Signal Horn to “spook” unwanted wolfs, coyotes, and other aggressive animals while camping or hiking. Obviously, if your camping trip is for the sake of hunting, you’ll not want to use or go to a park where rangers use these sounds, as animals will be spooked away from the perimeter. Just ensure that you bring your most accurate air rifle for the occasion and prevent any other loud noises that may make game cautious.

With these tips, your camping trip should be a blast, and more importantly, you and your family will be kept safe. Happy camping!