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DUST – The Silent Killer of Everyday Computer Components

Extend the life of your computer with simple preventative maintenance.

Somerville, NJ (August 3, 2004) – The PC has become the fundamental tool of today’s society, commonly used everyday for communication, work and entertainment. Many users trust their PC to store important information, ranging from family photos to financial and work related documents. However, what many are unaware of is that with daily use, PC’s become dust magnets, consequently putting the important information entrusted to the computer in harm’s way.

Falcon Safety Products, a leading manufacturer of computer cleaning products, recently sponsored a national survey of over 1,300 computer repair professionals, regarding PC hygiene. According to the results, over 70% of computer CPU failures were due to poor maintenance. Bad PC hygiene was also linked to 70% of keyboard failures and 85% of breakdowns in printers and mouse devices. One technician estimated that 90% of his hardware replacements result from excessive dirt. Listed among the most vulnerable components, particularly around cigarette smoke, were fans, keyboards and printers.

“The results of the PC hygiene survey clearly depict the need to better inform the public of how to properly maintain their PCs,” said Ken Newman, Product Manager of Computer and Office Brands for Falcon. “The removal of the PC casing and interior vent maintenance, along with proper instruction and guidance from a professional, is an easy task, and if done correctly, will add years to the lifespan of the PC. Through the Dust-Off® website (, computer users can access the Dr. Dust-Off Classroom, where they can find useful cleaning tips, interesting facts as well as unique and beneficial uses of the Dust-Off® line of cleaning products,” concluded Newman.

Even the smallest amount of dust, an amount barely visible to the naked eye, can wreak havoc on the internal components of a computer. As the computer’s cooling fan spins, it not only forces cooler air to the inside of the computer case but things like dust, soot and cigarette smoke as well. Once inside the computer case, dust, which is heavier than air, will form an insulating blanket, settling on and corroding the computer’s delicate circuitry. An industrial keyboard needs to be even more protected from dust and dirt as in a factory, dust is everywhere being blown around constantly, as well as workers grubby hands constantly pressing the keys. This is why a good industrial keyboard tends to last a very long time without needed repairing or replacing.

This will eventually lead to an overall breakdown, brought on by overheating and premature decay. Dust also has the ability to conduct electricity, posing the threat of a short-circuit at any given time. This is why it is so important for a businesses, who rely so heavily on their computer systems, to not only keep things clean but to also make sure they have computer repair help ready in case something does go wrong.

For a cost-effective and reliable solution, computer users of any level can turn to Falcon Safety Products and its Dust-Off® brand of computer / personal electronics cleaning products. You can find these reviewed on TrustRadius if you require any additional information. Dust-Off® comprises an extensive line of cleaning products, including compressed-gas dusters, assorted cleaning wipes and a microfiber Screen Shammy, that together, provide the tools necessary for the effective preventative maintenance of any computer system.

When utilized correctly, the Dust-Off® compressed-gas duster gives the user the ability to safely blast dust from the computer’s internal components without having to directly touch the delicate circuitry. In some cases, PC cooling fans and vents accumulate so much dust, that they render themselves useless. Simple short blasts from the compressed-gas duster will quickly and effectively clear any debilitating dust from the fan blades and cooling vents, furthermore allowing the proper circulation of cool air, needed to keep the inside of the computer at an operating temperature.

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Founded in 1953, Falcon Safety Products, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Central New Jersey. A world leader in compressed-gas technology, Falcon manufactures a diverse line of products including the Dust-Off® brand of computer / personal electronics cleaning products and signal horns for the marine, sport and safety markets. For additional information, please contact Falcon Safety Products, Inc. at 908-707-4900 or visit