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At Show-Car Judging, Any Dust Will Do You Dirt

Somerville, NJ (April 2004) – Too much detailing is never enough, say show-car contestants. From making sure your car is transported in the best possible condition it can be (with the help from or other services) to keeping it absolutely shiny and lean, there is never too much done to make a car tidy and presentable for these kinds of events. Consider these tips from repeat winners: Cleaning products for computers work especially well on auto interiors, so it can be worth stocking up on a large amount before the show comes up.

Dashboards, like computer monitors, become dust magnets as high-tech components create an electrostatic bond resisting soap and water. Monitor wipes contain anti-static solvents, while the new electrostatic wipes actually attract dust by using an opposed electrical charge. Both types of the wipe are single-use, so environmentally conscious buyers might prefer reusable micro-fiber cleaning cloths.

To reach otherwise inaccessible areas, consider a compressed-gas duster.

Some words of warning, though. Conventional dusters are fine for surface cracks, but check warning labels before use around dirty dash or vents. Heater motors are the concern here, though one manufacturer, Dust-Off®, makes Special Applications dusters that use a non-flammable propellant.

When using any cleaning product with solvents or propellants, open windows for proper ventilation.

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