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Ever Dared Look At The Other End Of Your Portable Hair Dryer?

Somerville, NJ (February 2002) – Catherine Bino of Baltimore once made the mistake of examining the family’s suite of portable hair dryers.

“Can you even guess how clogged they get at the back vent for the airflow?” she asks. “First we’d start noting a decrease in the airflow, then we’d smell dust.”

Her prize-winning solution: Unplug the hair dryer and let it cool down completely. Then use a special version of the compressed-gas duster, most often used to clean computers, to clear the tiny mesh. Before reuse, be sure to allow vapors to evaporate fully.

“Dr. Dust-Off came to the rescue for our whole family,” she wrote. In doing so, she qualified for one of 101 portable CD player in a new-uses contest sponsored by the manufacturers of Dust-Off® compressed-gas dusters.

A compressed-gas duster, Dust-Off was invented in the 1970s so news photographers could safely clean negatives and camera equipment. Around small electrical appliances, use the clearly labeled Special Application version.

The Grand Prize winner, announced last month, won a home electronics package worth $3,000 for his suggested use: cleaning automobile air vents.

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