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When Getting Garden Statuary Ready, New Uses For Computer Cleaner

Somerville, NJ (February 2002) – When Leslie Scudiero of Oceanside, N.Y., first reviews the leavings of frosty, cold winter on her garden, the outdoor statuary most often is shrouded in mold and dirt.

Her prize-winning solution: Use a compressed-air duster to speed cleanup.

“There are places I cannot get to with my hands alone,” she explained in entering a new-uses contest that manufacturers of Dust-Off® compressed-gas duster just concluded. “Your product is the only thing that gets all that mold and crusty dirt out from those little wedges.”

Other prize-winning garden ideas included one from Mokeal Jenson of Antelope, Ca., who uses his computer duster also to clear debris from lawn equipment (especially around the gas and oil caps). Ricky Hare of Memphis, Tenn., clears away contacts on outdoor lighting that often become clogged with dirt. And Mildred Westman of Tallahassee, Fla., uses Dust-Off to clean grooves in wicker furniture without resorting to messy water.

Dust-Off was invented in the 1970s so news photographers could safely clean negatives and camera equipment. The product now is mostly found in office-supply outlets, for use in cleaning computer equipment.

Manufacturer Falcon Safety Products of Somerville, NJ, awarded all four entrants one of 100 portable CD players for better ideas sent to its Website, A Grand Prize winner from Maine, announced last month, won a home electronics package worth $3,000 for his suggested use: cleaning automobile air vents.

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